31 May, 2021



DAISY MORTEM are UFO’s from the French

After accompanying IC3PEAK and GFOTY on their entire respective
tours, Daisy Mortem was noticed by CATNAPP, who then released their first
album “Faits Divers”, on her label NAPP RECORDS in 2020.


Last year, French avant-garde club producers were inspired by the pandemic
eclipse to create a new interpretation of their album Faits Divers, with
some incredible collaborators. On May 31st the new label DAAGANDA RECORDS
will release Fausse Nouvelle.






1_ Gamelle feat Cyberkills – A seductive side to this tale of canine vorarephilia
2_ L’empoisonneur de chats feat Pakun Jaran – Dark reggaeton ambiance & dancehall funeral march
3_ Fausse nouvelle: A dizzying and thrilling blend of metaphysical and medieval

4_ Étoiles feat Metaroom – The desperation and boredom of French countryside life
5_ SPAM (Waifu Version) – Nightcore kawaii club banger
6_ Prohibition 2050 (Brigitte Fontaine cover) – A stylized animation of a post-apocalyptic Paris
7_ Manges tes morts (Maay remix) – Vampire gabber flavor
8_ La nuit sexuelle (Mr.Kitty remix) – Frankenstein post-punk dance version that belongs in a humid 80’s basement goth club
9_ Faits divers (s1m0nc3ll0 remix) – There is literally no way to describe this






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