Back then, it was almost impossible for someone as inexperienced and awkward as me to get published in cool magazines. So I decided to make my own. A place where I could show my work and that of those talents I admired the most.

The magazine became a brand as the brand was already a magazine.

Bursting with wishful thinking it was by 2014 bringing together a growing community of artists from all around the world that contributed to SORA Magazine’s ubiquitous eclectic style.

The natural force of the creative kindred spirits has been keeping it active and expanding, having even become a flagship store where to experience in real life all that online was not possible. Events, talks, concerts and daily tea meetings took place as all sorts of people made plans and projects together.

For now, all we want is to cherish that first sparkle and go back to basics to never forget what our foundational naïve value always was: “Beauty is a ceremony”

Sabela Nieto

Creative Director


“A Manifesto for the New Aesthetiques”


Walk through fire.


Je suis l’amour.

Let it kill you.

Your legs end in even more beautiful places.

To be reborn.

Forgiven & forgotten.

Don’t cut your hair anymore.


Clench your fist for the ones like us.

Life is like a rollercoaster ride.

¡Qué mundo tan extraño el nuestro!

Je vit toujours.