3 November, 2018


Kamilè Kamutytè
  • Photography: Kamilè Kamutytè

For 18 years I was living in a small city where all artists know each other well. To find a model who would be brave enough to have that kind of photoshoot, have been a big challenge. Everything had changed when I started travelling around the country, knowing more artists, joining more informal parties…

It’s all about the process, about talks during photosessions, about openness and honesty with models who sometimes are my friends, people I know, and sometimes just strangers.

There will be always more and more people who will have a lot of complexes about their look. I’m ready to change their point of view by making uncovered photos of their bodies and body pieces and showing how an exceptional and magnificent look they have.

During the cold season I plan to travel a bit. Ukraina, then to Israel, Sweden, Morocco, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia…

I would love to find some people there, who would like to contribute.

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