11 October, 2020


Leon Billerbeck
  • Artist: Leon Billerbeck
Location: Hamburg, Germany


Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1995, young artist Leon Billerbeck first discovered photography as an artistic medium in 2015, while studying Media Arts at the Bauhaus- University in Weimar. Since then, he is ambitiously developing his art and himself, traveling around the world, photographing, filming, writing and making music.

He  participated in the Artist Residency of Antoine D‘Agata in Arles in 2017 and  was later that year, one of 4 elected students of the „Carte Blanche Étudiants Award“ by Paris Photo and Picto. The following year, he was studying in Porto, Portugal, where worked on his first sound- installation “DROWN” ,  which was later exhibited at the renowned media-art festival „Semibreve“ in Braga, Portugal. Since September 2018 he studied in the class of Prof. Björn Dahlem at the Bauhaus-University, where he intensified his work on mixed-media art and installation-art, expanding his often lens-based gestures to diverse audio-visual, sometimes even sculptural expression. In October 2019, he finished his BFA in Media Arts at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany, under supervision of Prof. Ursula Damm and Prof. Björn Dahlem. Billerbeck is currently working on his personal artistic projects, ranging from experimental sound art collaborations and photography magazines to poetry and video work.

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