30 November, 2019


Sofia Dalamagka
Location: Budapest


Every picture was a role-play, a real or imaginary person, a painfull procedure which i had to imprint-reflect without knowing if I managed to show the war taking place inside us living in a fake, made out of paper, world, where morality and discrimination are at war with the perfection of a modern, neurotic woman who must hysterically accept and faithfully follow flawless beauty and filters on Instagram and social media…Stereotypes. Traditional roles. The “original sin” that lies above our heads through the centuries, the mirror, inside and outside, which either looks like a narcisistic accesoire, or with a deadly and heavy enemy from time to time…

The purpose of SHAME is liberation, redemption, forgiveness if I might say, of others and ourselves of course…




I was influenced by photographers, painters, writers in order to create SHAME.

Cindy Sherman’s work, the theatrical figures and stage persona she created inspired me to try and create a debate between these pictures so as to create questions and not to give answers about how complicated women, as an existence, are…

De Beauvoir’s “LE DEUXIÈME SEXE I ET II” and the acceptance of her saying “Woman is not born, you become.” made the original idea, stronger…

<< Shuffle the cards. Masculine? Feminine? It depends.>>

Her sexual implications in her play Claudia Cahum, her search of identity, the right to be different….

<< Shuffle the cards. Masculine? Feminine? It depends.>>

Frida Kahlo’s  surreal mood, her taut self-portraits

<<I’m the muse of myself. I am the topic I know best. The theme I want to know better “>>

“The Ballad of Sexual Dependency” by Nan Goldin and the way she expressed addictional relationships of every kind,  that dont suit you emotionally, or mentally. The way she saw human relationships and weeknesses through her lense and the human need for love…


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