“The human being dies two deaths, the physical death and then the immaterial death when
the image and the memory of the individual fades.”

-Christian Boltanski

The best place to see Hoodoolab’s archive of images is on their website (hoodoolab.net). Here the work is organized into collections; either by photographer, model, or event. These collections of found images (markets, the street etc.), do not have a personal connection to Day, Riopedre, or anyone else they know. Therefore, it is difficult to asses, with certainty, why most of these pictures were taken.

Each collection is accompanied by all the information available when the photos were discovered, and sometimes that’s limited to only the media. Therefore, research is essential to this platform in order to understand why these photographs exist. After all, they are our history.

Hoodoolab is a photography platform created by Kathleen Day (Edmonton, Canada) and Francisco López Riopedre (Burela, Spain). This project is dedicated to research, conservation and archiving antique photographs. Hoodoolab was created in 2016 as a result of López and Day’s shared interest of history and photography’s role in documenting it.