I got my first camera when I was 15 years old. Then at the same time I got my
first boyfriend and I just started taken photos of him. I also began to take pictures of my friends.

Over the years it became like a visual diary and at the same time some kind of self portrait.

Almost all images take place in somebody’s private room, my own or some friend’s. It has always just been me and my camera, and my fiends, of course.

So I have worked on this project since I was fifteen, for six years now, thus the name. During this time I have taken portraits of the people that came into my life.


Certain colors have been proven to have an effect on our daily lives. Red symbolizes passion or rage, green symbolizes wealth, purple signifies calming and soothing feelings. It is believed that wearing blue garments without silver lining is bad luck. But what about seeing them. Does it have the same effect?



Enraptured, and enraptured,
In broad daylight, dreaming,
No one could see me sleeping,
They saw I was – exhausted.

And because in daylight brightness,
There were dreams before my eyes,
Oh, Night, now I lie here . Restless.
And like a sad shade, breathless,
Over sleeping friends I rise.

Marina Tsvetaeva
 May 1920