Youth in the golden age, with looks and casual moments, stripped clothes, tattoos and freshness, they take you to infinity and destruction in a fleeting moment. This is where they must confront freedom, individualism, loneliness or confidence in each other.


I’m Eva from St. Petersburg, Russia. Two years ago my husband and I went to Buenos Aires to have fun, and then – a baby. IT was our first time in South America, our first baby, and so quite a crazy experience.

Gracia and Raquel lived next door. They came to Buenos Aires from Ecuador – to study at the university. We spent much time together and I feel we have learned a lot from each other despite the language barrier. Being in a common but still very different situation we helped each other understand the city from immigrants’ point of view. Their breezy spirit could not but affect my self-awareness. It was great and very inspiring to meet them.


is a documental photo series taken on the streets of Buenos Aires with an instax photo camera as the result of an investigation in which I try to portrait the mix of cultures and styles that arise in urban areas. I randomly walk the streets of my city every day asking for portraits to people that catch my attention as the reult of the question “what is fashion and how does it develop?”