Taking Philip Larkins’ poetry and the writing of Ian Nairn as a starting point for his project “Subtopia”, Saker takes us on a very personal journey through the heartland of the English Midlands. In the last line of the poem “I Remember.I Remember,” Larkin writes, “Nothing, like something, happens anywhere.” In his work, Adrian brings to the fore the everyday happenings, the mundane even, of people’s lives.

 What we are presented with in “Subtopia” is Saker finding inspiration and solace in peoples’ inimitable ability to personalise their environment through their relationship and reaction to the spaces around them and to express themselves through their style, identity, culture and sense of community.
These fragments, he sees as a record of both these random encounters and a record of the complexity of the interplay between photographer and subject and the relationship (however brief) between two human beings.

Adrian Saker was born in Marston Green, Birmingham.
His interest in photography began when he was given a camera at the age of sixteen and he started taking the bus and his Pentax ME super around Birmingham making black and white pictures of industrial landscapes.
The streets, he says, are like a never ending art gallery, accessible to anyone irrespective of race, religion,gender or income bracket.
He lives on the border where Hall Green and Moseley collide with his musician partner and the occasional visiting cat.