Superimposed realities: remarkable background and objects at the same time; natural frames in which the frame itself deserves the same attention as what contains inside; substrates that become canvases which host lights and reverberations; mutual contact between different physical states of the same element.

Often the vision of all this is linked to human interventions that act as a catalyst: man leaves an imprint able to characterize a context and could make it visually interesting. Sometimes, instead, nature creates everything by itself and the observer can grasp the different details to be highlighted.

Matteo Palmieri is an agronomist and PhD Student of Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy). He started to have an interest in photography in 2010 with analog and digital cameras, never stopped loving it ever since. He exhibited his photographs around the center of Italy (Roma, Ferrara, Macerata) and he collaborated as photographer with Diesel (55DSL) in 2012.