The performative intimacy and immediacy of videographing and photographing any kind of actions

has always fascinated me. The recorded video forms a visual improvisation of movement and interaction,

a spontaneous poem, a fragment without clear narrative. Therefore, the video stills become a sort of analysis

of the potential that lays within the betweeness of things, grasping for the ungraspable, exploring the beauty of

the fragile fluidity we experience in life.

Distance is the patience we‘ve lost. Contemporary society. Limitlessly intertwined.

Constantly inter-connected. Flexibly moving, passing quickly through the globe.

No time is wasted. No distance tasted. A moment ago. Where is our patience?




Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1995, young artist Leon Billerbeck first discovered
photography as an artistic medium in 2015, while studying Media Arts at the Bauhaus-
University in Weimar. Since then, he is ambitiously developing his art and himself and
participating in the Artist Residency of Antoine D’Agata in Arles in 2017. Billerbeck was,
later that year, one of 4 elected students of the Carte Blanche Étudiants Competition by
Paris Photo and Picto.

From 2017 to 2018 he has studied in Porto, Portugal, where he has been working on
several projects including a sound-installation within his Media Arts studies at the Escola
das Artes da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, to further discover the fusion of sound
and visual art. It will be part of the Media Art Festival “Semibreve” in October 2018 in
the renowned Art Centre “gnration” in Braga.
In September 2018 Billerbeck launched his first Solo Exhibition in Paris and is further
showcasing his work as one of the selected young artists on the Brussels Photo Festival

Currently he is studying in the sculpture class of Proffessor Björn Dahlem at the Bauhaus-
University, where he is experimenting with multimedia installations, consisting of
photography, sculpture, sound and drawings.