I attempt to escape from what we traditionally know as photography and to turn towards to other mediums of art such as painting. The alienated body and fuzzy features of the engravings of the matter reflects the ambiguous and unstable emotions and thoughts that constitute the subject of photography.

One of the main features of my  work is the frequent use of “long exposure” technique through which I try to explore, from a new point of view, my various subjects. Using the human figure as my main theme, I aim at creating new forms and giving a new meaning to them.



I try to understand the functioning of sensations, to explore the space of emotions and the interaction between the forms of the image and the viewer. Each photo is an entity, which includes a certain mental condition. We are dealing with a variety of emotional loads within a world that is equally ambiguous with ours. The forms obtain a dreamlike dimension.

Sometimes you can not easily understand their contours. Τhe exploration of the forms inside the photographs gives us the opportunity to discover the various aspects of our psychosynthesis.

The imprinted forms indicate an extension of ourselves and express our deeper psychic world.  The deformed and fragile forms are like an endless flow of feelings. With the idea of movement continually imprinted on photos, the people look like enclosed within a new reality: a fuzzy and deformed reality; a dimension that belongs to the world of dreams and chaos.


Nasos Karabelas was born in 1992 in Pyrgos, Greece and now is based in Thessaloniki. As a fine art photographer and film director he started into photography the last seven years and he has produced five short films and one feature film (OSMOSIS) which took part in several festivals, in Greece and abroad.