When you’re getting fucked in the ass you get an
experience that is exposing. And there is the feeling of
being impaled, of being split in half. And there is a
splitting of personality. Or one could say a spitting of
personality, into the asshole.



Here we witness the same obsessive body
reconfiguring itself over and over again. Grafted
shapes descended from solar dust mowing through the
frame, separating the inorganic from organic. “Bodies
are bags of shit and teeth,” said Stefan.



At first we are submerged in a wash of fragile greys
and blues with splashes of red. It seems like the lines
want to disappear but the faces and bodies linger
nonetheless, smiling and wanting in pain. Wanting something and not having it, so much so that it
becomes grotesque. Pagliacci watches from the rafters.



There is something fleshy about this world, maybe we are inside a body, or we are very small exploring a
giant one. Or we are a very small giant. Are these figures all part of the same universe. What’s the
opposite of a cinematic universe? The cinematic universe cannot and will not respond to any and every
question you may have prepared. We asked the golem to answer in its own way.



The most tellurian of lifeforms, cloaked and grim. Humanoid figurines dance, they are of the golem
family, and we travelled great distances to meet them.

—Ada O’Higgins and Alexander Iadarola


Stefan Schwartzman (b. 1991, US) lives and works in New York City.