“The morphological knowledge of the human body encourages meditation about the universal principles of life and reflections of some higher meaning and order to which all living things are subject to. The principles of creation are the same: man as a part of nature, the universe – the universe and nature in man. Microcosm in the macrocosm, the universe of stars, and the universe of cells.”


“We are used to perceiving nature as a surface: the landscape, the trees, the human body. Few realize that we see a small part of it, that the true miracle of life is beneath the surface. It is there where the life-giving power of organisms pulsates in the branches and roots, blood vessels, and nerves.”


“A look into the microscope reveals unexpected connections. Leonardo da Vinci already knew that shapes, basic compositional elements, are repeated in nature. Our body, all the nature around us, arise according to the same principle and are subject to the same laws of growth and extinction. Hope of life: a seed germinating in the soil, an embryo hidden in the mother’s womb. The limitation of the individual and infinity of universal being…


Prof. MUDr. Josef Špaček, DrSc. in the monograph about Josef Bavor:

Josef Bavor’s painting adorns the wall of my room and is called “Nest”. I find everything in it. The whole universe, living as part of the inanimate, everything from the genes in the nucleus of the cell, through the germ of life, the nest of home and the struggle for survival to the depths of distant spaces. In this image I find myself and my place in the cosmos.”


Josef Bavor (born 1944) is an artist and educator. He worked as an anatomical painter at the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Hradec Králové. He illustrated more than a hundred professional publications and textbooks (“Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine”, “Aesthetic Surgery”, series “Head Surgery”). He worked externally as a teacher at the Faculty of Education, University of Hradec Králové. He graduated from the V. Hollar Secondary Vocational School of Art in Prague, and the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague in the field of art education. He lives with his family in Hradec Králové.

Source: Czech Center New York & Josef Bavor


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