Severiano is the reflection of a lost youth. He recognizes himself in his neighborhood and his friends are his only support. As in a teenage dream full of nostalgia and melancholy, Severiano lives through his days of youth and adulthood, where the present and the uncertainty of his future seem to be coming together.


We always looked to shoot the exterior scenes at “borderline” times, or the so called “magic hours”. Our main character is at the edge of something, and we wanted to reflect that visually, and that light clearly help to build that sensation.


We worked under a routine-based structure, sometimes repetitive, to dig into the universe of our characters, living the same experiences everyday. We looked for locations and frames that would portray that visually.



Alexan Sarikamichian, born and raised in Argentina, began his career as a producer with more than 10 short
films such as “La Donna” and “Pude ver un Puma” which got nominated in The Cannes Film Festival.

He also produced feature films such as “Juana a las 12″, “Paula”, “Juan Meisen ha muerto” and “El Auge del Humano” films that had global recognition and gave him the opportunity to attend San Sebastian Festival. By February 2017, NOWNESS launched Alexan’s Best of.


Francisco Mazziotti, 1991, Argentina. He started out his career studying Film Direction at FUC (Universidad del Cine). He debuted as a Director with his Short Film “INMENTIS”, winner as Best International Film at the Beijing Academy Film Festival.
In 2017, he premiered in NOWNESS his short-film “SENSES”, starting as well, to produce films and content
for the web.